Advanced Business of Acting 

with Bonnie Adair

Fee: £25 Guests, £20 Community, £15 In Training

This class is for anyone who has previously attended a business of Acting Class and/or open to anyone with a Spotlight membership or who has completed the core training.

This workshop is designed to be a follow on from the Business of Acting and will be tailored specifically to the participants. Bring a notebook and prepare to be inspired:

This workshop will specifically cover:
-Tips on how to make the most of your Spotlight profile and membership
-How to research Agents, prepare for meetings and conduct yourself at interview (we may also do a mock interview as part of the workshop)
-Casting calendars - where to find them & how to use them to get seen for Theatre work
-Creating your own work that is inline with your casting type and how to get started
-Creative fulfilment - Setting career goals and how to achieve them.

US Accent Intensive

Next dates to be announced.

Each workshop will equip you with the confidence and skills needed to achieve an authentic sound in the audition room, on stage, and on set! A strong and reliable US/ RP accent is essential for any professional actor wanting to open up their casting opportunities. Working through warm-ups, specific sounds, rhythm and melody, we will also spend time each session reading through real TV/FILM scripts.


Upon finishing the intensive you will leave with:

    - a pragmatic & useful daily workout specific to your needs

    - clear instruction on how to continue your practice consistently and correctly moving forwards

    - a new sense of confidence in your accent abilities!


Students will be required to bring a monologue of no more than 45 seconds to the class to work with which will be recorded on the first day and the last day to monitor improvement.  Please bring yourself, the monologue and a smart phone/tablet/laptop to the sessions.


Open to ALL, actors and writers, guests, community, graduates and those in training.

Please note Level 2 is only open to those who have been approved to join this workshop and have experience of the US accent.

BEYOND WORDS: An exploration of Stanislavsky's Active Analysis Acting Technique.


Next date to be announced.


Actors in this workshop will explore a scene using a technique called Active Analysis, a concept developed by Stanislavsky during the last five years of his life when he began to reexamine and question his earlier emphasis on extensive table work and text analysis. His new theory was that spoken language should be last, not first, for an actor during the rehearsal process.

“The most effective place for actors to start is with the body, not the mind. As Stanislavsky put it so perfectly ‘Language should be the final physical action, not the first.’ So you play with the text...and learn the story of the play before you speak the words. Because if you speak it right away, you have no idea what you’re talking about.” Cotter Smith

Beginning with silent improvisations based on the given circumstances of the scene, actors slowly work their way toward the exact words of the author, making language what he termed “the final physical action” rather than the first. Students will be on their feet participating in active scene work and will be given specific assignments.
Stanislavsky designed a series of specific exercises for the actor to explore the dynamic physical and emotional life of the text without using predetermined objectives, initially exploring what they are doing in a scene rather than what they are saying, focusing on the body rather than the mind as the most effective starting point for approaching both the character and the scene.

To book a participant space call the studio today on 0203 004 4537.

Business of Acting 

with Bonnie Adair

Fee: £25 Guests, £20 Community, £15 In Training

Next Date: 23rd October 12:30-3:30pm

How you present yourself in the industry is extremely important. Receive guidance and practical industry tips to ensure you are confident in your 'Brand' how you market yourself. This workshop will cover actors head shots (preparing for your shoot, knowing your 'type', what to expect, how to get the best out of your photos, photo selection), Showreels (preparing for your shoot, which footage to include, how to present it), Agents (how to approach an agent and prepare for meetings) and submitting for castings (your CV, Spotlight, Mailing out 'Package'). Whatever stage you are at, leave feeling prepared to get yourself seen! 

Open to ALL: actors, writers, guests, community, graduates and those in training.