Actors Weekly Workout Classes

Continue to hone your craft and stay connected with our weekly acting classes. Our schedule is designed to give both professional actors and those in training the opportunity to be in regular practice. See below for full class descriptions.

Pay As You Go: In Training £10, Graduates £12, Guests  £15

10 Class Pass: £100

Valid for 1 year and can be used for all Weekly Workout Classes


Booking Conditions: 

  • Advance booking and payment is required for all classes. 

  • 24 hours notice is required to cancel a class booking. 

  • No-shows / late cancellations will result in a £10 cancellation fee or loss of a class pass.

  • Repetition is only open to those who have completed our Foundation Course.

  • You can pay for classes and book online here.

  • Class dates/times are subject to change and the full timetable is available upon booking.


Yoga 2 - 2:45pm


Repetition 10am - 1pm

Voice 2 - 4pm

US Accent 4:15 - 6:15pm

Repetition 6 - 9pm


Meditation 2 - 2:45pm


Repetition 10am - 1pm

Voice 6 - 8pm


Cold Read 10am - 1pm


Repetition 10am - 1pm

Cold Read 1:30 - 4:30pm

Accent Classes 5:30 - 9:30pm

See full schedule here.


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10am - 1pm Tuesday

6pm - 9pm   Tuesday (semi-regular)

10am - 1pm Thursday

10am -1pm   Saturday

The Repetition Exercise forms the foundation of the Meisner Technique. The equivalent of an athlete's gym workout. Regular repetition classes enable you to follow your impulses, improving your ability to connect and respond.

Classes are lively, with a mix of abilities, meaning there is always an opportunity to go deeper. Open to students post foundation.

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Voice & Movement: A Clear & Open Instrument Workshop

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2pm - 4pm Tuesdays & Thursdays

Voice & Movement coach, Jason Wilson, employs a holistic approach to fine tune the actors instruments; their voice and their body.

Jason draws on a range of techniques, including Alexander & Linklater, to free actors of unnecessary tensions so that they can access their authentic voice and use it as desired for any given role or circumstance. These classes form an important aspect of our training and all actors are strongly encouraged to engage in a weekly practice to cultivate clear and open instruments. Open to all actors.

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Cold Reading

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10am - 1pm Friday 

1.30pm - 4:30pm  Saturday

Taking a scene off the page in a short time is an essential skill for any actor, whether in the audition room, in rehearsals or at a table read. This fun class will help you bring to life an unseen script, get it up on it's feet and build your actors faith to work simply in the moment. Bring a script you haven't worked on or borrow from the Studio's library. Open to all actors.

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RP Accent

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5:30 - 7:30pm Saturdays (please check exact dates via online schedule)

These fortinightly sessions will encourage the confidence and skills needed to feel great about your English RP accent.

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US Accent

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5:30 - 7:30 or 7:30 - 9:30pm Saturdays

4:15-6:15pm Tuesdays (fortnightly - please check exact dates via online schedule)

A strong & authentic US accent is essential for any professional actor wanting to open up their casting opportunities.

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Wednesdays 2 - 2:45pm 

Come and feel re-energised, centred and focused with Fleur Poad in this new lunchtime community meditation and breathing class. Fleur has been teaching yoga and meditation in London for the past three years . Her background lies in performance and movement, as well as being an AT graduate. Through regular practice, the mind can be softened and accepting of anything that appears. This class encompasses Yin Yoga, meditation practices, hand mudras and pranayama (breath exercises) leaving you refreshed, calm and focused. Free to those in training & graduates. Guests can attend using a class pass. This class is occasionally run by experienced members of our community. Book Here


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Mondays 2pm - 2:45pm 


Dynamic Vinyasa Flow. A strong physical yoga practise that synchronises movement with breath​.​ Yoga is a beautiful way to step into the present, becoming more aware of your body and thoughts. Through breath work and movement, you can release, relax and connect with yourself. Perfectly complimenting and preparing you for acting class. Isabelle encourages fun and freedom within her classes, giving students space to explore, be free and tune into their own bodies.  Come ready to breathe, flow and fly! This class is free to those in training. Guests can use a class pass. Open to all. 

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Skills Class

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More Dates Coming Soon!

These monthly sessions are designed to support you in practicing the skills you want to work on. Make this fun and creative class part of your regular practice. For more information on specific classes please email or book through the office.

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Conversational English

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5.30-7.30pm Saturday 28th April 


If you are looking to enrich your vocabulary, develop your fluency, sharpen up your accuracy or improve your pronunciation, this English Language Conversation class is for you. Working with experienced Actor and English language teacher Ali Kemp, this monthly class is for all non-native English speakers.

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Beyond Repetition

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Please check online schedule for upcoming dates.

These sessions are open to those who want to stretch their repetition skills and understand how these come in to play as a working actor. The focus will be on taking direction while remaining connected, truthful and impulsively responding. Please note this is a freestyle / advanced session and is not suitable for those who are new to repetition. Usual Actors Workout fees apply.

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