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As an aspiring actor their are many parts of the industry which can seem scary and intimidating. Particularly things like Spotlight and Equity - In this blog we'll breakdown what they are and why they are helpful to your career.

What is Equity?

Equity is a trade union in the UK. It represents not only British actors, but all types of professional performers and creatives in the entertainment industry all across the United Kingdom.

What do they do?

Equity's job is to improve the working lives of members and represent their interests at local, national and international level.  They achieve this by working together with members to negotiate with employers, organise workplaces, set minimum pay levels, lobby government departments and ministers, campaign, take up legal claims and provide a range of  benefits for members.

Equity is an independent trade union and not politically affiliated but we have "recognition rights" with a wide range of employers and their organisations across the entertainment industry. This means they have the right to receive certain information, to be consulted on various matters and to negotiate to improve working terms and conditions for members.

Why should I join?

There are many reasons to join Equity, below are just a few!

Pay: Equity contracts set minimum rates of pay and standards to avoid exploitation.

Public Liability: Free public liability insurance (up to £10million) essential for freelance work as employers often insist an artist have PLI.

Compensation: If injured or made ill through work then Equity legal services will seek proper compensation for you.

Training: Award-winning free resources and workshops for Equity members. There is training support for Equity Deputies and members of committees and branches.

Representation: Equity represent members individually or collectively in disputes with employers.

Contribute: Equity means better conditions for you and your colleagues. 

How can I join?

Any student on our Core or Advanced Training is eligible to join Equity as a student member. Join online here for just £18.75 per year.

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film productions. Casting professionals choose Spotlight to cast their projects because performers on Spotlight are recognised as the industry’s best. 

Put simply - if a tv show or commercial is casting, they send a breakdown to Spotlight who then send it to their database where Actors' and Agents can apply for the role.

Why should I join?

In the current industry most agents require it's actors to be Spotlight members as it allows you to access a great range of job opportunities. It also offers discounts to members and a huge range of resources.

How to join?

You can join Spotlight if you have at least four professional credits or you have graduated from our Advanced Training.

Membership is £158 for the year and there are multiple payment options. Find out more and apply for your membership here.

These two resources are an important tool in getting your business up and running. For more information keep your eyes peeled for our next Business of Acting Workshop.

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