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Surviving the Fringe

‘The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the single biggest celebration of arts and culture on the planet.

Every August for three weeks the city of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, welcomes an explosion of creative energy from around the globe.’

In 2017 alone there were 3,398 shows in 300 venues which is one of the reasons so many performers and creatives flock to the fringe! Here are some top tips to help get the best out of the fringe:

1. Portable Chargers! They will save your life - with thousands of creatives in one city plug sockets are overcrowded and sparse.

2. Don’t be mean to flyerers… it’s long and tiring and they’re just doing their jobs. Plus you might be interested!

3. Give yourself enough time to get between venues. Streets can be confusing and you can find yourself wandering the cobbles far longer than you expected!

4. Rest…..

5. Invest in tupperware - particularly for performers. It can be expensive to eat out all the time. Prep meals and then spend on treats!

6.See the fringe of the fringe. Don’t just stick to the main venues, venture out, see bad theatre, new work, support up and coming artists too.


8. See Scotland - it can be good to take some time and get out of the bustling city to see some green.

There are plenty more but most importantly have fun!

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