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CANTATA FOR FOUR WINGS: 15 Questions with Sylwia Kaczmarek

1. Tell us a bit about your character in Cantata for Four Wings?

My character is a woman without a given name, which I find significant. She has lost almost everything in her life and is on the edge, preparing to commit suicide.

2. If your character had a theme tune, what would it be? Beethoven 7th symphony 2nd movement.

3. Do you have a favourite line or moment in the play? I also like the moment when she is so overwhelmed with trying to understand how the universe works that she ​offers the angel visiting her some wine and they have a bit of a party.

4. If you spent a day with your character, what would you do together and what do you think they’d make of you? I think we'd go shopping! None of us is a big shopper but we ​both ​have a weakness to cool garments I feel. We'd get ​some​ lipsticks too. We'd go to Hampstead Ponds and have a swim, a cuddle and a cry.

5. What qualities do you admire the most and the least about your character? I admire her honesty and good heart the most. She is very human. I find it hard to say what I don't admire in her. Maybe her self doubt but trust me she was put in this situation by the people and events which have​ happened to her.

6. What’s been your most memorable theatre experience – either as an audience or cast member? Nikolai Kolada's The ​Cherry Orchard ​which​ I saw two years ago in Teatr Studio in Warsaw. His take on C​hekhov's play left me literally speechless for 30 minutes. Everything was spot on​:​ text, interpretation, acting, lighting, set design. He designed it himself. All made from pieces of wood and white plastic cups.

7. What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given in life? Follow your heart. And if you can​ imagine it, it means it's possible.

8. Which 5 people (famous/living or dead) would you invite to your dream dinner party and why? Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler, Marylin Monroe, Vincent Van Gogh, Maria Sklodowska Curie. It would be fascinating to meet them and to see how we would all mix together!

9. Who is the person you most admire either living or dead? My grandmother. She was born in 1928, survived the II World War in Poland, and she is one of the wisest, warmest and kind people I know. 

10. Who is the person you least admire either living or dead? ​ The ​Rothschilds.

11. Why is the story of Cantata important? Because the story of The Girl is universal and too many people suffer from similar problems  ​which ​they are afraid or ashamed to speak about. Depression lead​ing​ to suicide is a taboo in our society. 

12. What’s going to surprise people about this show? Hard to tell, as I'm in it. Perhaps that it's a comedy and so far the audiences who have seen it ​had a good laugh ​even ​while they were moved​.​

13. Describe Cantata in three words - Suicide, love, forgiveness

14. Tell us a secret about yourself? I understand my character more th​a​n I wish to.

15. Tell us your favorite quote - 'She believed she could so she did' R.S Grey


 ** ​​YOU CAN BOOK TO SEE Cantata for Four Wings HERE:**

Bernie Grant Arts Centre, London

Saturday 14th April: 6.30pm (in Polish) and 9.00pm (in English) ​Use the code 'CANTATA 8' to book tickets at £8 for performances of Cantata For Four Wings at Bernie Grant Arts Centre on 14 April.​ Book here ​**​ Cockpit Theatre, London Tuesday 17th April: 7.30pm (in English with post show discussion) £10/7​ Wednesday 18th April: 7.00pm (in Polish) and 9.00pm (in English) ​£10/7​ Book here or phone: 020 7258 2925

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