PlayWright/ PlayRead

​Next Playwright/ Playread Workshop:  Sunday 6th August 7.00pm

Three play extracts + Twelve actors + An eager audience =  Playwright/Playread.
This Sunday our eagerly awaited event is yet again ready to go!

3 Plays. 3 New Writers 
Stanley by Luke Horton looks at different generations and the chances we give them. It explores whether we spend too much time fixing the older generation and ignoring the younger one. It also asks the question; do people deserve second chance, when they ruin the life of another? 

Days in the Wake by Jim Willis is about a tragic event that took place during the early hours of Christmas morning outside a pub. Jake, a young man, punches an older man after an argument and the older man dies after striking his head on the pavement. It deals with the lives affected by it and local peoples' attitudes to what happened.

The Secret Life of The Shadow by Steven Lancefield is a psychological thriller set in London. Daniel is a promising young Ballet dancer at a prestigious performing arts school, but his career in dance is cruelly halted after a physical attack by his classmate, Kieran. Fifteen years later, a chance encounter in a bar brings Kieran and Daniel back into contact with each other, with tragic consequences.



To attend as an audience member and witness exciting new work being developed.

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Playwrights we have supported:

Rotating Wheels, Rotating Dreams by Charlotte Jennings 


Fatima  – Reena Lalbihari

Gina – Odera Ndujiuba

Cyrus – Kamal Lotus

Officer – Geraldine Brennan

Brother  – Marcel Whyte

The Sunlit Uplands by Kate Pettigrew 


Charlie West – Adam Bone

Rachel – Anna Christian

Seb Goldenfed – Olly Hewett

Betsy – Lauren Cooney

Tom– Stephen Christos

The Grand by David Hendon 


Adam  – Marc Aldridge

Gita – Llila Vis

Lara – Sophie Spreadbury

Estate by Kaethe Cherney

Synopsis: 'Estate' examines the sticky triangle of love, inheritance and grief with humour and pathos, showing how magical thinking can lead to unimaginable results.


Minna - Law Ballard

Renee - Elena Harding

Gwen - Miranda Magee


D-Composing by Stuart Pursell

Synopsis: D-composing is a comic journey of self-discovery, following the story of anti-hero Marcus Daydreamer, an ordinary young man living in an extraordinary world.  


Miss Croft - Rimca Karmakar

Marcus Daydreamer - Ben Hubbard

Chief Inspector Roundhole - Maria Cole

Junior Inspector Squarepeg - James Knapp

Melody - Katrin Kasper


Once Was Home by Dan Horrigan


Laura - Helen Rose Hampton

Adam -  Tom Sawyer

Mike - Charlie Macgechan


Blood Snow by Sarah Dave


Lula - Siobhan Birmingham

Skolt - Paul Hughes

Ruotta - Charlie Macgechan


Skewed Judgement by Jamie Christian


Claudine - Marissa Michelle Joseph

Ad - Sam Landon

James - Chris Hoskins

Peter - Stephen Christos

Mikhail - Mateusz Lapsa-Malawski

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