The Actors Temple is London’s original ‘alternative to drama school’ and is established as one of the leading actor training studios in the UK. We offer training rooted in the principles taught by Sanford Meisner. 

Widely respected by actors, directors, agents and casting directors, our ethos is to create an atmosphere in which to inspire confidence and equip actors to build a career in the world of acting.

Our courses are the result of over 15 years of dedication to actor training. The main principle behind all our work is that great acting comes from the actors skill to be fully and ruthlessly in the present moment, but above all else - to trust their instincts. 

Our training is available to anyone wishing to dedicate themselves to learning the craft of acting and is designed to meet the needs of aspiring and working actors of all experiences and backgrounds.

There are three main phases to the training; The Foundation Course, The Core Training and The Advanced Training. The part-time Foundation Course gives you the opportunity to experience the depth of our work before committing to further training. 

Contact us for more information on any of our courses, classes or workshops here.

The Foundation Course


The part-time Foundation Course provides you with an in-depth experience of The Actors Temple approach to training.

Here, we lay the foundation for all the work that follows. The course includes structured,  compulsory classes each week focusing on the Craft of Acting and additional 'Actors Workout' classes of your choice, including Voice, Accents, Cold Reading and Skills classes. 


No prior training is necessary, simply a willingness to approach the work with curiosity and a passion to become a truthful and spontaneous actor. 


Following completion, actors can attend all Weekly Workout classes and apply to join The Core Training.


This course is suitable for both new and professional actors. More Info.

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